Quoakle Team

Sean Creswell

Sean Cresswell – Has been working for Quoakle since April 2009′ after having lived in Finland for 4 years. He originates from England, but grew up in Canada and is half Irish, so he tends to sound confused at times. He enjoys travelling, football and adores licorice ice cream! He has also worked in various fields of business; from Insurance Companies, to Care homes. He’s even done cold calling and door-2-door sales! This is something that he has found himself doing throughout his working career and still enjoys to this day.


Stephen Holdstock – starting working alongside Quoakle in mid 2011′, stepping in as a contracted Graphic Designer. Born and raised in England, Stephen now lives in Sussex with his wife Becky and his giant (but soppy as soup) dog, Domino. Stephen runs a Graphic and Media business called Media Sussex, but loves to work on projects for Quoakle regularly. He also now owns his own custom Lego figure business called Minifigure Me


Tim Coysh – Has been working with the Quoakle team since 2013. Born and raised in Gloucestershire for most of his life, Tim moved to Cardiff in 2011 and graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a degree in Software Engineering in 2014. Tim has a passion for web development and started his own web design company at the age of 13, Tim Coysh Web Design (www.timcoysh.co.uk). He also regularly works on Quoakle projects. Tim loves playing sports of all varieties and loves getting stuck into community projects. Tim also has a secret passion for taking selfies.

nigel and helen steele

Nigel and Helen Steele – are the Directors of Quoakle. They are both experienced teachers and have taught in a number of schools in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. You could say running a business came as a bit of a surprise in 2006 when Nigel was inspired with the ideas for the first graphical directory. Helen’s gifts are more on the creative rather than the technical side of things. As a Cheshire lad and lover of the beautiful game, Nigel is proud to support Crewe Alexandra.

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