What is a Quoaklecard?

A Quoaklecard is an ‘online business card’, a smart, single webpage that holds relevant information about your business or organisation.
Quoaklecards are designed for small – medium businesses that want a simple, low cost website or for businesses that want to target specific keyword phrases. Here is a link to an example Quoaklecard – Days Out In Yorkshire.

How much does a Quoaklecard cost?

A Quoaklecard costs a one off payment of £90.00 (inc. VAT) for design and set up, with an annual hosting fee of £25(inc VAT).

What about images?

You will need two images for your Quoaklecard, a logo and a photograph (see example here – Days Out In Yorkshire). For best results the logo should be less than 100 x 200 pixels in size and the photo should be approximately 250 x 160 pixels in size. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be very happy to help.

How can I generate traffic to my card?

Quoaklecards.com is a part of Quoakle.com – the graphical directory… the quick link to local websites. Depending on your sphere of business and location, Quoakle.com may be able to advertise your website by posting a link. By doing this you will channel potential customers, specifically interested in the services you offer, to your contact details.

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